Mantras for Mama and Me: An Affirmation Coloring Book for Moms and Kids to Share

Right now, TODAY, your child is writing his internal monologue for his entire life. The things he hears over and over now will be the things he says to himself later.

You have the opportunity to help him write the most positive and beautiful monologue possible, and that's one of the reasons I created this coloring book.

The other reason? Because your inner chatter probably sucks, too, Mama. Repeating affirmations can feel really cheesy, though, and so we often don't bother.

Now you have an excuse. You're not just repeating these affirmations to make your own internal voice kinder, you're repeating them to set your child up with the most positive self-image possible. 

Oh, and you're not just coloring to relieve your stress and have a little more fun in your day, you're doing it as a bonding activity, too.

Win, win.

What will you find inside this 53-page PDF?

50 different animal coloring pages with affirmations. 25 of the designs are more complicated, mandala-style images suitable for adults and big kids. 25 of the designs are cheerful, simple images suitable for smaller children.



You'll love this opportunity to connect with your child, have a little fun yourself, and make both of you feel a little more positive.

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Mantras for Mama and Me: A Coloring Book for Moms and Kids to Share

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